3 August 2021

The Top 10 Benefits of Fitness Bootcamps

What are Bootcamps?

Initially it may be a group of up to thirty individuals, sometimes stretching to an occasional capacity. Most bootcamps are held in a room that has four walls, in a standing position with the arms crossed at chest level and feet shoulders. The first group of people to enter, hopefully having been at the gym in the morning, heads straight into the room, taking it as their voluntary start to the session.

A standard bootcamp tends to last for between half an hour to one hour and a half, with a combination of stationary and moving parts, plenty of stretching and a prevention of injury sessions. After sessions of high-intensity and often quite unwelcome imagery, many participants will abandon the room to rest. There is usually a fluctuation in pace and varying intensity is the standard approach to fitness training.

What are the different types of Bootcamps?

Bootcamps can take a number of different formats. These may include military style which get inside your body and gym workouts and are often done in a GAO (garage or outdoors exercise area) gym. This may include more conventional workouts, with usefulness based on certain courses and some competitive approaches.

Most of the bootcamps can be found online are a lot more gentle and are almost forgiving of people at times, especially when you are starting out, and then there are some bootcamps that are a little more demanding, and will push you to your limits to get the fitter side of you back.

Starting out in a gym can be intimidating, when you have never done it before and you don have never trained with other people, and you may feel silly in the gym at the start. But you will soon get a hang of it, and exercise will become something that you actually enjoy doing, and look forward to after.

What are the benefits of Bootcamps?

There are significant benefits to be obtained from such training. They go well beyond the basic component of body composition.

  1. Fitness and weight loss is ongoing as the courses tend to go on for weeks or even months
  2. A feeling of wellbeing
  3. Increased motivation levels
  4. You feel more capable of tackling the toughest of training (increased confidence)
  5. A clear mind
  6. Increase in level of enjoyment in exercise
  7. Exercise becomes a habit not a chore
  8. You learn more about nutrition
  9. You can meet like-minded people
  10. You get fitter faster

Final Words

Group fitness training has been around for a long time now and has been variously associated with all sorts of existing fitness types. When a boot camp is generally viewed as being a get-away programme of some sort, there are few individuals who are hesitant to use it.

The way that they build and grow together is support in the gym environment for what you learn within the boot camp, and exercises that are common to other types of fitness activity and sports training. You will begin to fatten your wallet with the loads of money you’ll spend at the gym, but you’ll experience more self control, and if you cut down the cardio, and shift your gym sessions to three times per week, along with one hour of weights, you’ll crush your body fat, detox, and tone up.

So to get you fitter, the good news is that bootcamps are usually free or almost free because there won’t be a need to train by feel, you’ll just be trained in every aspect of training, what kind of movements you need to use in a session, the order of exercises, and the total workout. All this is done by training multiple muscle groups.

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